“I have a bad feeling about this….”


Way back in 1992, the British Royal Family weren’t having the best of times, and our Queen famously said that it was an ‘Annus horribilis’.  Well, I get the feeling that for many OT fans, 2016 is rapidly approaching that status, as far as UCS sets are concerned.

Before I continue, I really ought to mention that I haven’t had the best of years myself, which partially accounts for the tone of some of my blogs.  I’ve turned 41, and spent the last 4 months recovering from a hip re-build!  The first few weeks of this coincided with the release of the much anticipated (75098) ‘Assault on Hoth’ and even the copious quantities of painkillers I was taking at the time, weren’t sufficient to dull my disappointment with it.

Following this, I assume that most fans will have seen the newly surfaced images, supposedly of the new (75159) Death Star.  These look remarkably similar to 10188, with updated minifigures.  I don’t have anything against the old set; it was obviously very popular based on the 8 year lifespan.  However, in the latter stages it was beginning to look a little ‘tired’ especially compared against the stunning UCS Slave 1, X-Wing, TIE Fighter etc and I was pleased to see it finally gain a well-earned retirement.  Since then I’ve been eagerly awaiting it’s replacement; a new model in the style of 10143, using the latest elements and design techniques.

I really hope that the images are a stunning hoax but, if they’re genuine, I’m more than a little disappointed.  Hopefully 2017 will be a year to remember with the new UCS Snowspeeder, just like 2016 may be one to forget.


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