Good Girl! Now Fetch Me That Toy!

Boga - Obi-Wan's Varactyl, by 'rolli, on Flickr


The Star Wars movies are full of great vehicles, which we often see replicated. They’re also full of amazing locations, which we see more and more depicted. And they’re full of stunning creatures. There has been an upwards trend in the last couple of years, but still there aren’t that many LEGO creations that do honor to those awesome designs. I can see why with the intricate anatomy and elaborate textures that are truly part of the creatures. With his depiction of Obi-Wan’s Varactyl Boga, ‘rolli shows that building a model that captures the personality of a creature perfectly is possible though. The key is that he uses elements that define the shape and give the texture at the same time. Just look at that head for example. The entire front section is made up of a number of ingeniously interconnected small parts. This allows for a very accurate recreation of the shape of the head, and gives a lot of detail, texture and personality to it, so that it doesn’t look like a dead facade of dull bricks. No, this creation has muscles and wrinkles, it has dirt on some places, it even has a look of impatience with the determined eyes, flying manes and energetic pose: it’s alive! Bigger parts can achieve this as well, surprisingly. Just look at those weird convex slopes on the body. Their shape is organic enough, but the edges give it something reptilian which is just right. The patterns on it give some extra depth and detail to it all. Those patterns aren’t custom stickers, by the way, but an actual print. It’s amazing how ‘rolli found these exact parts that only appeared once in an Aquaraiders II set but look like they were made to feature here. In fact, it’s impressive how all of the parts in this creation look like the perfect parts, when you take into consideration how few dark green parts there actually are. But even with those limitations, ‘rolli has managed to put together a creation that’s an inspiration for everyone who thinks building Star Wars creations is near impossible. Head over to ‘rolli’s photostream to observe those parts, just like Boga, in their natural environment.


Mini Wheel Bike, by Ashton6460, on Flickr


In fact, Boga’s natural environment is a chase scene with general Grievous’ wheelbike. Luckily, Ashton6460 posted his amazing micro wheelbike at almost exactly the same time as ‘rolli’s Boga above. Maybe it’s a bit small for her, but it certainly has everything a wheelbike should feature. There are fearsome weapons, movable legs, nice controls, a fancy seat and of course rolling wheels. It’s already hard to fit all of that in a full size creation, but Ashton6460 proves that you only need a couple of parts, the most notable of which are Ninjago spinning weights, to build a perfect replica. Those parts and a rare dose of talent, that is.


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