A Most Attractive Creation

Imperial Interdictor Cruiser - The IIC Constrictor, by Raskolnikov, on Eurobricks


It is the week of MOC sequels. First we had mortesv’s awesome companion to his medical frigate. And now this beauty. Remember Raskolnikov’s unforgettable Star Destroyer from a couple of months ago? Well, this Imperial Interdictor Cruiser is a companion to it, perfectly on scale. That means it’s a lot smaller than his previous behemoth, but that doesn’t mean it’s less awesome! In fact, I’d say it’s more impressive because all of the same qualities apply, only this time there was less room for them. Another advantage is that the source material of the IIC is a bit sparse, so there was room for improvisation. You wouldn’t say a part of the creation wasn’t a feature of the original design though! The shape is gorgeous, with the striking trench and the nice addition of paneling around it. The gravity well projectors are more than boring spheres with those great ridges. And I especially like the shaping of the bridge, with those intricate slopes at the base and lovely stripe pattern on top and at the back. I also admire the small “wings” at the back, which give the ship that extra subtle edge that makes sure you see this as more than the Star Destroyer’s little brother. The greebles are on par (yes, I watched golf on the Olympics today) with Raskolnikov’s ISD as well. They look so marvelously functional this time, with those perfectly integrated small cannons and clever inclusion of disk shooters as some kind of hangar or vent. Especially the greebles in the middle line look nicely dense, although you would almost miss the clever Technic handle just like in TLG’s sets. It’s once again a perfectly shaped, detailed and textured ship exterior. And even though we know Raskolnikov’s ISD had an interior, it might surprise you that this IIC has one as well. For a creation of this scale, the interior is remarkably elaborate with a removable bridge section and all. This creation truly perfects every aspect a normal set tries to incorporate, even though I must say that there are no spring loaded shooters aboard. But then again, that is about the only thing that is to be improved on this creation! Already feel attracted by it? Then let yourself be sucked by its beautiful gravity well projectors into the topic to fall in love with it.


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