More Than a GR-8 Ship

1: 250 Mini UCS Rebel Transport GR-75, by mortesv, on Eurobricks


… because it is in fact a GR-75 medium Rebel Transport mortesv has build for us. It’s still great though. You can tell that right away by looking at the shape of the transport. The original has these very gradual curves that look impossible to recreate with bricks, which is probably why we haven’t seen much interpretations of this ship. But mortesv shows us that they can be recreated with style. He uses a good mixture of bows and wedge pieces to sculpt the ship, and the result is spot on. What’s even more incredible, is that he managed to convert the “bugs” these parts take with them to features. In the case of the bows, the “bug” is the fact that you get a ridge when you put two different types next to each other, which often gives the surface an unwelcome jagged look. On this creation though, the builder used those ridges for the o so characteristic texture of the ship, strengthening it by using various kinds of bow pieces where one could do. And the problem with the wedge pieces is that they have these pesky notches that usually stick out as annoying holes. In this creation though, those very notches are what gives the center line that beautiful jagged look in such a scale as to make the whole creation look a lot bigger and more refined. Another example can be seen in the engines. Stacking 1×1 round bricks gives that usually nasty edge, but in this creation that edge is exactly what makes those pipes blend in so well. mortesv chose his parts so well that they each fulfill multiple functions at the same time, a marvelous feat you rarely see pulled of outside of microscale. It is clear how much work was spent on selecting exactly the 850 right pieces for this creation.

So much awesomeness, and we’re still only looking at the outer hull! We haven’t yet marveled at the tiny details that can only after close investigation be discerned in the center line. We still have to scream of delight on discovering the genius structural use of that arched window in the back. We haven’t even begun praising how the dorsal fin flows into the rest of the body. We are only about to rejoice in seeing those delightful engines. And our heart is still beating. Because we haven’t yet witnessed the overwhelming spectacle of all the tiny containers at the bottom with a stunning variety of simple techniques, that you can piece for piece link to the original model… The marvels of this creations are even harder to count than the number of containers it transports! I hope you have nothing important to do for the rest of the day, because you will be spending it drooling over the pictures made by, documentation written by and digital file kindly provided by mortesv in his topic. Still worried about your heart that might stop if you see the pictures? Be not afraid, because mortesv’s medical frigate is closeby to assist you in keeping admiring his creations!

1: 250 Mini UCS Rebel Transport GR-75, by mortesv, on Eurobricks

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