A Fight of Epic Proportions

In this Olympic year, it looks like the stakes in Imperium der Steine‘s annual MOC Olympics are higher than ever judging by the quality of the entries for the first round. The discipline was something you won’t see on your television these days: microfighting. Sounds like an easy discipline, but the following entries show us what real professionals can achieve. Be sure to check out all of the amazing entries on IdS as well, because they adhere so well to the well-known Olympic motto: prettier, smaller, cuter!

Atmospheric Assault Lander microfighter, by -Wat-, on Flickr


This first creation is by -Wat-, and he immediately shows how sleek a microfighter can look, even when tricky angles are involved. The result is probably the best rendition of the Atmospheric Assault Lander I’ve ever seen regardless of scale. Just look at how effective the cockpit was put together with just a couple of pieces! The amount of detail is just perfect, with some nice overlapping pieces for more interest. It’s admirable how this creation has the LEGO vibe over it with those stud shooters, but that becomes even clearer when you learn this little build houses a hidden play feature! This creation truly features more than everything you’d expect. Especially with that wonderful base it’s a great example showing what potential the microfighter format holds. Still thinking about what the hidden play feature could be? Then I suggest you check out -Wat-‘s photostream!

Wookiee Catamaran microfighter, by Balbo, on Flickr


Balbo’s Wookiee Catamaran embraces the LEGO vibe as well with it’s spring loaded shooter, but looks a bit too fragile to play with and definitely doesn’t house a hidden play feature. But who needs that when it can compromise such a wonderfully cute yet spindly build? The shaping of the two boats is spot on with exactly the right pieces. Using those spidery legs is a genius way to represent the intricacies of the woodwork, and the inverted pieces in the front are equally genius at achieving that goal. The engine setup strikes that perfect balance between nature and technology that makes Wookiee tech so hard to capture. The beautifully simple base is in perfect harmony with that. You see that this build has more features than just the fact it can house more than one minifig that make it unique. So grab your chance to be inspired by Balbo’s photostream!

Sebulba's podracer, by Cecilie, on Eurobricks


The last one speeding by is Sebulba who looks surprisingly adorable in Cecilie’s excellent rendition of his podracer. That’s an incredible feat considering that such a slender and disjointed vehicle is rather hard to chibify and that the selection of orange pieces is still rather limited. To make it even better, there’s a surprising amount of fine detail on the model that gives it an unseen level of realism for a microfighter. The engines have the perfect shape with that sloped back and look complicated, beefy and cute all at the same time. Even the very back holds a nice surprise in the form of a pineapple piece and a wonderfully used rubber band. This model opens my eyes as to how realistic and convincing a microfighter can look, because now I refuse to believe there isn’t a toddler version of the Boonta Eve Classic as well where Sebulba once flew his very first race. Who knows what more a closer look will reveal to your eyes?


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