The Tale of the Ugly Duckling

Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle, by Stephen Schumann, on MOCpages


We all love the Lambda class Imperial shuttle. It’s elegant and composed yet intimidating. It has the grace and terror of a swan – not coincidentally a company working on the design is called Cygnus spaceworks. The same company created the Delta-Class escort shuttle Stephen Schumann recreated above. The design is… less gracious. Less like a swan and more like an ugly duckling. An ugly duckling thirsting for blood, that is.

The ship was featured as a crude 3D model in a couple of games about twenty years ago. This means the reference material isn’t very detailed. Stephen Schumann didn’t need more references to create a model in which shapes and details talk about the same unique identity of the ship. He perfectly beefed up the wings a bit and seemingly effortlessly angled them forwards for that rapturous look. The laser cannons look robust and aggressive with those sharp Nexo knight parts, and have been attached so well that you wouldn’t even notice that they’re on an angle with the wings. The cockpit is lovely with all of its extra angles that make it look like a real structure. The back of the beast is wonderfully beefy but looks just as dangerous as the front. I admire how the builder managed to put more life into the unrealistic 3D models by making certain areas thicker and better connected and putting in extra angles for better transitions between surfaces. He also played with colors, textures and greebles very well. It makes the model look like it’s being used but not falling apart just yet. And the lack of frivolities show that this ship was built only to do one thing… to please our eyes better! I especially adore the landing mode, in which I think I prefer this ship to it’s pure white cousin… maybe the tale of the ugly duckling is true after all! Go check out this beautiful beast on MOCpages to have a look at more pictures and the interior of this creation.

Delta-Class JV-7 Escort Shuttle, by Stephen Schumann, on MOCpages

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