Walking the Road to Greatness

Micro Walker Assault, by Si-MOCs, on Flickr


The first creations I shared with the online AFOL community were mostly micro Star Wars ships. Right now it’s quite some time ago since I built anything in that genre, but my affection for it remains as huge as the models are tiny. So when Si-MOCs posts a wonderful micro Star Wars scene, I simply can’t skip it, even though I have a backlog of almost two months of creations to blog. He perfectly managed to capture a vehicle I never could: the o so iconic, spindly and intimidating AT-ST walker. Apart from the proportions and shapes being near perfect, the builder managed to give a very good impression of the details on the tank. There are a lot of technical-looking protrusions and ridges in the legs, and those loose plates in the head splendidly illustrate the paneled look of that area on the real thing. I also like how the connection of the cannon perfectly compliments the model by filling in the right areas and giving a little bit of extra detailing. It’s amazing how little pieces it takes to build a believable walker, but it’s equally unbelievable how no one (including myself for sure) thought of it before Si-MOCs did. It can only mean he’s a genius. His perfect recreation of the bunker and nice sketch of the landscape confirm that’s the case: it’s clean, it’s detailed, it’s evocative. I bow to someone who can create a better scene with tens of pieces than most of us with thousands. And I’m definitely taking a closer look to Si-MOCs photostream where you can find instructions on how to build these wondrous wee walkers. Maybe the Ewoks will spare them just because these are just so cute…


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