[SoNE Ep XII] Riddles in the Stars

Before we begin this article, we’d like to express our deepest feelings of sorrow, sympathy and support to the victims and the families of the victims of the horrible events in France, Turkey and everywhere in the world. We hope we can still make this a peaceful and wonderful world together. May the Force be with us all.



[SoNE Ep. XII] Riddles in the Stars, on Eurobricks


Now that the Imperial patrols on Kuat slowly grow more infrequent, the Rebels find time to address a pressing problem: an attempt at the life of Luke Skywalker by an unknown enemy. They begin a search throughout the entire galaxy to find the one responsible and stop him/her. The Empire does so as well, since the Emperor will keep his next apprentice alive at all costs. Both teams have already found some clues, but not all of them are known to each other… The result is the twelfth episode of our role playing/building game the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka which is a seed part challenge, but only different. Both teams have a separate list of seed parts which they have to incorporate into their builds, but they have to be so good, that the other team can’t guess what this seed part was… It’s important to know as many parts as possible, because all of the parts come together to form a model that’s a final clue as to who the hidden adversary is. Intrigued? Excited? Enthousiastic? Ready for a challenge? Longing for a supportive community? Wanting to develop stories? Then don’t wait to enlist in SoNE, confer with your team, build something awesome, tell a great story, analyse the builds of the opponent and put together that elusive final model… See you on Nar Eurbrikka!


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