The X-Factor is Strong with this One

T-65 X-wing, by Inthert, on Flickr


Probably the hardest models to build are the ones that have already a version that’s imprinted into everyone’s mind. Especially when the model is small, it’s incredibly hard to make something that’s just as good as that other model, but not a rip-off of it. For the X-wing, the model to beat is Psiaki‘s version. That was probably the last time I wrote that, because Inthert‘s version enchants me in a whole new way. The shaping on this model is just incredible, with all of the lovely angles in all of the different directions in the nose, fuselage and back. And don’t you just love the details, with those gears with the nice rim round them and deliciously uncomplicated greebles in the back. O, and the textures! There’s the right amount of smoothness and the right amount of roughness and such a lovely variation of color. And there is one extra factor that makes this model unique: it’s how authentic and solid it looks. The reason? I think it’s the fact that the builder only shows your relatively simple bricks even though there is some complicated stuff going on out of view. I mentioned the lovely simplicity of the greebles. But there’s also the brick built cockpit that fits way better than a prefab piece. And have you noticed anything special about the wings, apart from the fact they’re beautiful? Neither have I, but that means there’s not a bit of Technic or hinge to be seen, even though the wings are perfectly able to open. The connection between the wing and the body is virtually invisible, so that all of the uncomplicated goodness gets all the room to shine. There’s nothing to distract you from the undeniable beauty of this model. So head over to Inthert’s photostream, put those pictures on full screen, and believe yourself to be in that galaxy far, far away…

If your hunger for these kind of creations is insatiable, don’t worry. Inthert has the perfect treat for you, since he recreated Poe’s X-wing as well. And if pictures just don’t do it for you, the builder has also published detailed breakdown shots of his creation so you can build it at home.

Poe's T-70 X-wing, by Inthert, on Flickr

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