Lord of the Rings of Geonosis

Saruman and Galadriel, by Chris Weight, on Flickr


As far as I can recall, this is only the third time we write about what’s probably everyone’s second favorite saga on this blog. And it’s the first time we feature a crossover MOC. Not that we don’t like them, it’s just because they barely exist! Luckily, FBTB’s speeder bike contest inspired Chris Weight to build a pair of The Lord of the Rings speeder bikes. Lovely as they are, I have no doubt they will inspire many more of these kind of creations to come! The builder managed to fuse the two vastly different worlds together perfectly. He kept the sci-fi elements to a minimum to preserve the LotR magic and end up with something that would fit perfectly in that universe as a magic chariot of some sort. At the same time, he used the distinct geometric features a Star Wars speeder bike should have, including a wealth of stabilizer fins. The Middle-Earthian influences make the vehicles way more than recolors of what we’re used to. Both of the speeders are way more elaborate, with Count Dooku’s Saruman’s being so wonderfully spiky, textured, ‘technological’, aggressive and tastefully over the top, and Galadriel’s being light, airy, elegant and also tastefully over the top. They don’t get more personality than this. Quite remarkable when you consider the scale of these builds, and the fact that they still look like practical rides. I’m sorry that there aren’t more of these crossovers, because now it seems a little bit lame when I say this is the best Star WarsThe Lord of the Rings crossover build I’ve ever seen, no matter how hard I mean it! One more reason why we all should take a closer look at Chris Weight’s photostream and start building more of these kind of creations: Use the Ring, Luke…


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