Teedo's Luggabeast, by Robert Lundmark, on Flickr


I absolutely loved the Luggabeast in The Force Awakens. Its physiology seems perfectly natural, but then you have those technological elements that make it so cold and mysterious. Robert Lundmark‘s rendition perfectly captures the strength and roughness of the creature. The constraction pieces plant it firmly in the ground, and the system pieces with their studs give the impression of a skin impervious skin to everything the desert can throw at it. Note how the builder uses a similar texture for the technological parts, instead of making those smooth and full of the greebles as we’ve come to expect. This way he makes sure everything looks like one coherent and accurate model, and it perfectly illustrates the way meat and metal are intertwined in these creatures. Look how it gives those ribs a very uncomfortable feeling… The chains have a similar texture as well and succeed to make me think of the erosion the many unforgiving sandstorms cause even to the toughest traveler. Maybe that’s what makes the Teedo such an unforgiving creature? The builder succeeded in capturing his temperament in a rather small amount of bricks. His face doesn’t only look incredibly angry, his entire posture indicates it: quickly rising out of his seat to show he means business, swaying with his (brilliantly built!) staff. His threatening almost make you click away! But take Rey’s example, and don’t yield to him: you keep standing there and admire this great build with all of its buzz saws, pitchforks and ninja-parts, its awesome textures and its supreme posing. If you pull together all of your courage, you might even come a bit closer and move on to Robert Lundmark’s photostream to discover a wealth of other beautiful builds that don’t get mad at you.


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