“The Garbage’ll Do!”

Episode V Custom Millennium Falcon, by Hobo Fett, on Eurobricks


There are so many elements that make up a great MOC. We all know proportions are important, and so are details and textures and the correspondence to the reference material if applicable. Amazing building techniques are a must and a good presentation with some incorporated lights is always a bonus. An elaborate interior and some functions are the icing on the perfect cake. You don’t have to take your checklist and look hours at Hobo Fett‘s Millennium Falcon to know it features all of those qualities we can come up with. Just look at how right everything looks, with the beautiful greebles, extremely sleek construction of the difficult shape and lovely interior. Things like the excellently crafted brick-built cockpit with its controls, the opening boarding ramp and the mesmerizing diaphragmic port (through which Lando rises to help Luke on board) further illustrate the level of genius this creation is infused with.

One aspect that we overlooked in our list, and that we don’t often think off until we see a masterpiece like this creation, is the choice of parts. You might think about using strange parts in NPU’s, but that’s not what I’m referring to. I’m talking about the kind of parts, like System versus Technic, big versus small or – in this case – old versus new. You might notice Hobo Fett used mostly old pieces for this creation, both in color and mold. The reason for their usage was that the builder had them on hand, but they end up doing a better job than any fancy new parts could have. The way the bricks have the old greys and have their dents give the ship a real beat up feeling like it should have. And there’s another effect: the older pieces tend to be rather simple instead of over-complicated, they don’t look over-specialized but totally utilitarian and you don’t have these big prefab pieces that kind of do the job, but intricate assemblies that far better represent the original. The usage of those old, beat up parts gives this creation a level of authenticity I’ve never had the amazement of witnessing before. The parts that constitute this model are as nostalgic as the model itself. It’s a creation that feels in every brick like its reference and looks like it could be right in the movie. This is also the first creation I’ve ever seen that gives me the feeling that it could have been build ten years ago already without being a bit less awesome, which gives this creation a timeless, almost mythical quality. High time to get to know this myth written by the epic poet called Hobo Fett better! Check out the topic for a short account of the history of the model, and a link to more than lots of photos to meditate on.

Episode V Custom Millennium Falcon, by Hobo Fett, on Eurobricks

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