Every Generation… Has a Chibi Version

the 4th Awakens!, by Legohaulic, on Flickr


It didn’t take long for every vehicle from The Force Awakens to be represented with bricks, and there have been a couple of great location builds as well. But despite the seventh installment of the saga offering a wealth of new characters and creatures, the amount of character builds has remained remarkably small. Legohaulic is one of the few who isn’t to blame, because he gives us this quartet of extremely expressive and excessively adorable figures. I love it how he invented a new way of building characters that forms a great base for a variety of creations, that begs to be reused. The use of Mixel joints is an obvious choice, but the real merit is in the surprisingly simple construction of the face that allows for all of the critical features that can vary from person to person. The feet and hands are fully equipped as well and those eyebrows are pure genius: that way even the simplest model with this technique wouldn’t be a bare skeleton. The best thing about the figures is how individual they are. Obvious differences can be found in the bodies, but the difference in personality comes from the face. The variety of fabulous techniques used to create the various hairdos is inspiring, but there are also subtler differences like the noses or the way the eyes stand. Finally, the way too cute BB-8 is the white and orange cherry on top. Character, cuteness and skill all in these small figures, it really makes you excited to see more of these! In the meantime, Legohaulic still hasn’t tried other Star Wars characters, so why don’t you indulge some more in the pictures of this creation and see what you can do with it yourself?


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