“Let’s See If We Can Find Something In The Hangar Bay That’s Still Flyable”

Rebel Hangar, by tastenmann, on Flickr


Hangars are a beloved topic by MOCcers to display there ships in. Undoubtedly you’ve seen more of those creations you can count depicting a hangar located on the Death Star or in Echo Base. You’ll have a hard time placing tastenmann‘s hangar MOC above though. It definitely looks familiar, with some Death Star cues but it is obviously different… The truth is that the design of the hangar was entirely made up by the creator, only lightly basing his creation on what we saw in the movies. The result is something new but very familiar. The overall color scheme with its glorious greys, the columns at the walls, the greebles between them, the doors leading to the further innards of the base… But then again those greebles are new: I love the inverted pallisade bricks, the use of holes in bricks and the deliberate use of the space between two slope bricks. The great thing is that everything is so regular, giving the big structure that realistic touch, but at the same time, there are some irregularities like the asymmetrical details at the command station and the different effects of weathering in different sections, making it that much more real. The orderly stripes on the floor are a lovely touch as well, finally bringing order to those often messy Rebel hangars. Another treat is the variety of equipment with the cranes, crates, power cells and transports. All of that makes this a hangar you’ve never seen the likes of before, and a perfect scene to admire the ships that call it their home – until the Empire finds out about this base, that is. So check it out before the probe droids show up in tastenmann’s Flickr stream.


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