It’s too Big to be a Playset…

Death Star World Complete, by BaronSat, on Flickr


It is generally accepted by now that we’ll be seeing a new huge Death Star playset from LEGO soon. But what will it look like? Will it be another Death Star-shaped dollhouse, or something quite different? Who knows? If it would only remotely resemble BaronSat‘s amazing creation, it would be set even more popular than the first incarnation, with kids an adults alike.

BaronSat based his creation on the Kenner toys, and therefore achieved something that looks incredibly fun to play with. At the same time he manages to maintain a high level of details and sleekness we all go crazy about in a MOC. It has everything you could want: sliding doors, collapseable walkways, a shaft to swing across, a trash compactor to get rid of your gungans… more than enough for hours of fun in a nice modular structure. The creation spans such a great amount of locations, but still the whole is manageable. That’s because the builder managed to simplify every location to fit on a small footprint, expertly translating the core elements into a small but perfect build like the consoles or detention block. At the same time the builder didn’t compromise on some key elements like those iconic windows with their interesting yet clean construction and the beautiful cannon. Another great balance was achieved between the amount of open space for the minifigs to look at ease, and the amount of details that make every square stud of the creation worth looking at. The great use of grills, ledges, wall panels and the variety in them is sure to capture your attention. The result is a creation that looks just as much a fun set to play with as a beautiful creation to look at, a combination I’ve rarely seen pulled off perfectly. Since playing with it will be difficult for now (although you can acquire instructions on the builder’s website), you’ll have to be satisfied with half of the fun of just looking at it on Flickr. But even when you can only look at it, and even without the model having a laser hall, you’ll be blown away.


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