We Won’t Last Long Against Those Star Destroyers

Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant, by Raskolnikov, on Eurobricks


There’s something about the Imperial Star Destroyer that takes your breath away every time you see it. The first time you see its descendant in The Force Awakens, the twentieth time you see the opening scene of A New Hope, and the fiftieth time you see a rendition with bricks. Any day with a Star Destroyer is a good day. Well then, today is a day that makes Christmas look like a blue Monday. Because today Raskolnikov‘s Tyrant is ready to bring crime and punishment to the galaxy, and takes our breath away for more than a few seconds.

I adore how this is a creation without compromises: everything you could ever wish for on a Star Destroyer MOC is present here. First off all, it’s big and rigid, and is just intimidating. Second, it’s quite seamless: not a weird gap to be seen in spite of the complex angles on the back for instance and the shaping on the back of the bridge you don’t see rendered very often. Also, it’s perfectly textured: smooth enough to appear impenetrable, but textured enough to appear huge. The details are stunning as well: along the entire edge, not a single recurring pattern can be discerned in the dense packing of beautiful greebles, and the engine section is pure art, with details on every scale. There’s so much to be looked at, yet not an error to be found. This creation is just as good as the studio model in appearance, I daresay. In fact, this model goes even further than the original, because it boasts an elaborate and gorgeous interior. You can discover the bridge, the private quarters, a conference room, a canteen, a prison block and a well-equipped hangar with a variety of tiny vehicles. Way more rooms were fitted into this model than I could hope to fit in a single article. And it gets even better with motorized turbolasers… Impossibly uniting all of these qualities, this model doesn’t just capture the looks of the behemoth, it manages to convey the chills you would get if it would suddenly turn up in your part of space. I guarantee it’ll be like the first time watching the opening sequence of A New Hope when you visit the topic to look at all of the pictures. And I’m sure you’ll last very long gazing at this Star Destroyer…


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