I Love the Smell of Fried Rodian in the Morning…

Working DL-44 Blaster, by Actionfigure, on Eurobricks


You would think the most discussed weapon in the Star Wars universe would be the lightsaber or the Death Star. But sometimes I get the feeling it’s Han Solo’s trusty DL-44 blaster. Did it shoot first or didn’t it? It would have been easier if it were made of bricks, because brick built blasters can’t shoot at all. Except… when it’s Actionfigure‘s rendition you see above. It looks amazing to begin with, with Actionfigure’s signature usage of studs that don’t disturb the model at all but magically give it a very distinct identity. It also has some relatively simple but perfect details at both sides that all give it an air of sophisticated robustness. And the handle has the perfect shape and angle. Its looks alone make it a beautiful and remarkable creation. But you already know it has another special feature: it’s the worlds first brick built working blaster! That’s right, it actually fires bursts of photons (not laser pulses, but close enough) when you pull the trigger, in the right color and all. Not enough to fry a bounty hunter, but maybe enough to blind him for a second or two, and definitely more than enough to look awesome! The bounty hunter might be blinded by the appearance of the blaster to begin with. So put on your sunglasses just to be safe, and check out the topic to see it in its full glory, and be sure to give the video a watch as well.


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