Star Waters

The Boonta Reef Classic, by Cecilie, on Flickr


What is it with Star Wars, Disney Princesses, and April 1st? It just seems to be the perfect combination to have some fun in a universe full of atrocious crimes, violent monsters and sometimes evil attempts at comedic characters… That must be exactly what they were thinking over at Imperium der Steine, a German LEGO Star Wars forum, because they held an entire contest all about Disney Princesses giving princess Leia some royal friends. The results aren’t just incredibly fun, they actually are genuinely good builds.

Cecilie’s Boonta Reef Classic above is a perfect example. It’s incredibly creative to re purpose Neptune’s chariot into a podracer for Ariel, and give other characters a matching one as well. What’s even better is how close the shapes of the shells are to the pods of their Tatooine counterparts if you think about it. And isn’t it both genius and hilarious to see how the underwater equivalent of the energy beams of the power coupling is a pair of electric eels? This creation isn’t just witty, it’s a very strong build as well. The shaping of the various pods and shells is superb, with the feeling of the ridges in a conch perfectly put into bricks. The various sea creatures are magnificent, especially the eels with their sleek yet textured look. What seals the deal is the wonderful vegetation on the ocean floor. I love how things get very swirly, completely ignoring gravity as it should, with wavy plants and even knotted wisps. It’s all very colorful, yet you don’t get lost in the scene because it all feels so naturally beautiful. I’d take this over the Tatooinean desert any day! Cecilie has convinced me that the combination of Star Wars and Disney princess can be way more than good fun, it can lead to original masterpieces like this one you’d never thought you’d see. So go ahead and dive a little deeper into this creation by visiting Cecilie’s photostream!

And why stop there? Check out all of the entries on Imperium der Steine, with Frozen Rancors, Imperial puppies, Stormtroopers in dresses, lots of hearts, Sith Lords wielding lipsticks and “unforgettable” images like Legopard‘s haunting creation below.

The Little Mermaid, by Legopard, on Flickr

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