This R2 unit has a bad motivator!

R5-D4, by Miro78, on Eurobricks


It’s incredible to think that one small component can have such a critical impact on history, especially in the Star Wars universe.  Just think, if R5-D4 didn’t have a bad motivator, R2 wouldn’t have been able to deliver Princess Leia’s message to Obi-Wan, Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru would have enjoyed their well-earned retirement together, and Luke would have continued to watch binary-sunsets for at least another season.  If only the Jawas had taken a little more care whilst re-conditioning their droids prior to re-sale, but that’s always easier to say with the benefit of hindsight!

Anyway, that brings me neatly onto this rather cute creation from Miro78; a R5-D4 which is based on the UCS R2-D2 (10225).  Whilst the original model is brilliantly designed, the dome is undoubtedly the weakest part, and looks a little ‘unfinished’ compared to the rest of it.  Miro78 has taken the best elements of 10225, updated the colours, and replaced the dome with a bespoke version.  Comparing it to images of the original film model, there are a couple of elements that aren’t totally accurate; the most obvious being the placement of the silver rivets close to the three eye sensors, but apart from that it’s very difficult to fault it.  Miro78 is currently making some improvements to it, and I’m looking forward to seeing the final version.


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