They’re Heading for the Medical Frigate… Again!

UCS Nebulon B - Medical Frigate 'Redemption', by mortesv, on Eurobricks


Some creations can only be described by the word “iconic”. They’re so big, detailed and cleverly designed, they keep looking perfect for years to come. mortesv’s UCS Nebulon-B Medical Frigate you can find in our banner is one of those creations. After all these years, there’s not a brick I can fault. But that’s just me. You see, mortesv discovered some inaccuracies the past three years, and ended up redoing the entire model from scratch. The result is bigger, more detailed, even more cleverly designed… I can’t even describe it with the word “iconic”!

It blows my mind when I read mortesv describe how he painstakingly examined every picture of the studio model he found and translated it precisely in bricks. He shows some comparison pictures between the two, and you can see that not a brick was placed there on accident: they all correspond to some detail you can barely see. This goes for the underside of the ship as well, resulting in a very authentic looking creation and a sense of vastness as well. You can spend hours looking at every detail, because once you come closer, you see all of the sub assemblies that are amazing models in their own right. Every one of the pods is stunning, that array of antennas looks lovely dense, and all of the layers in the engine block draw you in like a maze. Having such a vast amount of details, you risk that the model looks great up close, but not so much from afar, because you can have a multitude of pieces that don’t seem to mesh in a coherent whole. None of that on mortesv’s masterpiece, because he made sure there are large areas with a uniform texture. Take the plating, for example: he consistently used tiles for a refreshingly smooth surface, but configured them in a jagged manner, with L-shaped tiles and all, to give that subtle texture coming from the bevels of the tiles. Furthermore, the engine block uses a variety of techniques to make sure the layers are close together, so that they don’t look like separate protrusions but like a textured whole.

The result of all of the work is thing of beauty. You can just feel the majesty of the ship, richly adorned with its rags. You can just feel all of the love and hate that went into creating it. You can only be in awe for such a creation, a creation you would easily mistake for the real thing in the movie… Who can’t go on and on about it? Luckily, mortesv wrote an extensive description of every single aspect of the ship. And as a true master, he keeps changing bits and pieces as we speak. And the best part is, instructions are in the works. Someone please take me to a medical frigate, because I think I’m going to faint.


UCS Nebulon B - Medical Frigate 'Redemption', by mortesv, on Eurobricks

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