Slumdog Mandalorian

Slums of Mandalore, by I Scream Clone, on Eurobricks


Let’s take a moment to praise the good things the prequels brought us. To me, one of the things I really liked was how it showed us different environments on the same planet, most notably on Coruscant. You get to see the rich and stately political district, but the raw industry and shady bars as well, making the world that much more real. ‘I Scream Clone’ did a similar bit of world building with his Slums of Mandalore, showing some places that “are not nice to visit”, to quote the builder. I have to say that all in all, it doesn’t look such a bad place to visit. Admittedly, the streets are a bit rough (but sport some great details in the gutters!) and I don’t trust every beggar and speeder zooming by, but at least it’s a colorful place. It’s nice how the apartments look cramped but cozy and prefabricated yet each with his own identity. And they come complete with air conditioning and lighting, so that isn’t too bad. Furthermore, you’re living in a building with super fancy greebles on it, with an amazing NPU door, right next to an equally stunning building and with super fast access to public transport. And any street with a giant claw machine in it is a place worth visiting in my book, although you’d better wait for the Rancor to move on with his new green minions. If you’re not feeling safe, there’s always that single security camera and the Batman keeping an eye out. It’s all worth it in the end, because you have so many famous people to call your neighbors. Yes, ‘I Scream Clone’ did an awesome job building a nuanced bit of planet, with its flaws and its charms, a place you can understand people call home. He is a great architect for buildings most people wouldn’t even think of designing. Before you move, though, I recommend you check out all of the pictures of this strangely attractive neighborhood in the topic to acquaint yourself with every corner and hiding neighbor. And hop on the monorail to expand your horizons and check out other areas of Mandalore…


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