We Will Crush the Rebellion!

Power of the Dark Side, by LEGO 7, on Flickr


When you’ve seen the original trilogy a couple of times, it becomes almost self-evident that (spoilers!) the Light Side eventually triumphs over the Dark Side. Let ‘LEGO 7‘ remind you of how impossible that actually is. His creation depicts the Empire in all of its power,terror and invincibility. The huge number of well-trained troops, the vast armada of ships, the weapon of mass destruction and its ruthless leaders. The Rebellion’s X-wings and Falcon are so awesome they could be a creation on their own, but here, they aren’t much more than bothering flies, soon to be exterminated by the equally awesome fleet of micro TIE’s and turrets. And the one people call a hero, Luke Skywalker… He looks so petty in the hand of Lord Vader, ready to be crushed like a cockroach. Admittedly, that’s not Luke’s own fault entirely, because Lord Vader is just so colossal. I like how his proportions are slightly skewed, with those immense arms, smooth and bulging, and his strong shoulders. His head is a bit smaller than you’d expect, but it doesn’t feature less detail because of it! LEGO 7 is one of the first builders to realize the potential those Technic panels have for character building. He uses a variety of smaller parts that don’t look jumbled a bit but come together to form the complicated shape of the helmet. I especially love how the lifeless, smooth eyes stand out, with the ridge beneath them and the tilted eyebrow. In combination with the protruding lower jaw and the tilt of the head, Vader really has that angry look of “You really think you could hurt me?”. It’s incredible how fatefully his helmet was recreated, yet how right the expression of the rigid face is for this situation. LEGO 7 is one of the first to be able to recreate the dark magic of the movies that gave distinct emotions to a face that never moves. It’s that emotion that make this creation so overpowering. Try winning this Vader over, Luke! Visit the builder’s photostream to feel the full terror (ehm… respect) for this creation that has the allure of a movie poster. I’d certainly go watch this classic!


Power of the Dark Side, by LEGO 7, on Flickr

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