“Fast Ship? You’ve Never Heard of the Remise?”

Corellian SCV 9500 'Remise', by Elephant Knight, on Eurobricks


She’s fast, she’s grey, she’s Corellian and she doesn’t look like much but has got it were it counts. Up until about a month ago, there could only be a single ship in the entire universe this description could allude to. But since then, the Millennium Falcon has got the company of a little sister. She’s called the Remise and is the work of Elephant Knight. She hits all the right marks and fits right into the Star Wars universe, taking cues from the Defender-class light corvette and even the early concept art for the Falcon herself. Still, she feels new and fresh. She has an interesting but not overly complicated shape, so you can actually picture something underneath that hull, making it very practical and believable. The straight elements that otherwise can make a ship boxy are perfectly balanced here by the angled features and the rounded notes, that all come together so wonderfully seamlessly. There are also these small things that break up the initially simple shape a bit by making sure the ship isn’t perfectly flat: there are little ridges, small elevations and slopes here and there. They don’t look like unnecessary frivolities, but like necessary components, sparse as they are. The asymmetry in the details is fun as well. And have you had a look at the underside? I’ve rarely seen that the underside rivals the normally visible parts in details and practicality, with that excellent landing gear and exhaust vents there. Yes, it’s a lovely present wrapped in that eye catching red bow. But as it is with presents, the treat is on the inside. The Remise is one of the rare ships that feature a full interior, like a flying home you could actually live in for a while. It has bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room and even a bathroom, all with adequate plumbing to boot. It’s even better than a house, because does your house feature super fancy technical parts at the back? I just adore all of those tubes and wires barely visible underneath those grills leading to the engines. Absolutely gorgeous. It’s both a super cool ship to swoosh around and a perfect dollhouse grown men’d like to play with. So go check out every nook and cranny of this ship worthy of being the Flacon’s little sister right here.


2 thoughts on ““Fast Ship? You’ve Never Heard of the Remise?”

  1. Great mix of boxiness and curves – it forms a look that is undoubtedly Corellian in style. I only wish BEAVeR hadn’t written this article from a “Disney canon” point of view, as this craft would have looked perfect alongside the Otana or the Outrider (to say nothing of the many obscure YT-series freighters that failed to make appearances outside roleplaying sourcebooks). There’s a strong resemblance to the DP20 frigate as well.

    • Thanks for pointing those ships out! I sadly never really came into contact with the original EU but ships as these really make me keen on exploring it. It’s lovely that there’s always something new to explore in the Star Wars universe!

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