In the Good Old Days…

Battle of Alderaan, by KW Vauban, on MOCpages


… I used to write articles for a blog on LEGO Star Wars creations instead of all these reports. I’m very sorry for my absence, but now I’m back, and there are loads of interesting creations that popped up that deserve attention. So let’s dive right back into it, and go back to those good old days… of the Old Republic! KW Vauban takes us back to the battle of Alderaan, when a massive Sith army surprised the undefended planet (quick, remind me, these articles don’t require a list of cited sources like my reports, right?). I love how this backstory clearly shows in his creation. The defending troops are rather organized because they were trained well, but their numbers are small. Objects lie around in a confused fashion, abandoned or quickly pulled together for cover. The ship still isn’t ready to take off, droids are still hurriedly doing there tasks… It’s incredible how such a huge creation can still convey a story in a few global images. Most of these creations tend to be confusing, a collection of little scenes that fail to convey a story, but KW Vauban proved it’s possible to make something very big, complicated and detailed that still immediately pulls the viewer into the story.

That’s because his creation doesn’t feature too many details. There’s certainly a great deal of little scenes and easter eggs to explore, but at first sight, nothing pops out that distracts your attention: everything seems to fit perfectly into the scene. Every piece of landscape, vehicle, building and equipment looks like it belongs there, so that you can focus on what’s actually going on. There’s no superfluous detail where it doesn’t need to be: the builder was able to perfectly incorporate rather plain walls and surfaces into the diorama without making them look like lazy building, but instead like a natural building instead. Furthermore, the details are concentrated in groups, so that you can easily distinguish various parts, like the beautiful cannon, those presumed cooling units on that one roof, the ancient and serene-looking central building, the gorgeous ship and the really well-made walker. They fill the scene with interesting sections that are all worth studying on there own, but don’t immediately scream for attention. And then there are the amazing natural elements, so fitting for Alderaan. And then there are all of the hidden rooms and great easter eggs (find all of the minikits!). There’s so much to explore, but when you first look at it, that all doesn’t matter, only the story does. And once you’ve come to appreciate that, you slowly begin to uncover all of little bits of genius in this creation. Luckily, KW Vauban makes that very easy by providing loads and loads of pictures on MOCpages, hurray!


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