Rebels Review: The Forgotten Droid

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What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: So much for no more distractions. It was as if the previous episode never happened as no one even mentioned Malachore. The episode seems like it is about to get interesting as the rebels talk about finding a new base, but it goes downhill quick as they decide that they need to get more fuel. Didn’t we just have a story about stealing fuel just a few episodes ago? And then it becomes about Chopper’s shenanigans to get a new leg. I can’t say that I’m not disappointed that we got a comedic episode instead of one that furthers the Inquisitor plot. However, things get better when Chopper meets AP-5. Except for Chopper, each of the rebels have had an episode where they convinced an enemy to join their side which we were reminded of with Ketsu helping the rebels out in this episode. This is Chopper’s episode to do the same. I quite like the fact that they gave him such an episode too as he has proven time and time again that he is just as an important part of the team as any of the others. The bonding between him and AP-5 was well done and the moment when AP-5 decides to help the rebels and even sacrifices himself to do so was actually quite touching. I would have had respect for this episode if it ended right there, but alas they repair him in the very next scene. I would question how you can repair a droid with parts from the leg of a completely different type of droid, but whatever. The good thing, I guess, is that the rebels seem to have their base now, so maybe in the next episode we can get back to the plot again.
BEAVeR: The way this episode progressed, struck me as odd. You start with a minute of interesting stuff of the Rebels trying to find a base (with Ketsu suddenly being there?), but immediately afterwards that’s forgotten and it looks like we’ll get a comedic episode. Then, there are some more interesting and serious character moments, and there are some quick shots of the Rebel’s battle in between, but the tone remains that of a comedic episode. Only in the last couple of minutes, things get really serious. From the point of view of the overarching story, this is actually quite an important episode with the Rebels narrowly avoiding annihilation and finding a base, but it didn’t feel like that because of the (often not more than attempted) comedy. Usually, comedy lets you breathe for a minute so you can take in the action better, but here in this episode it breaks it completely. So you end up with an episode with some serious stuff in it, but you can’t take seriously, and one that is supposed to make you laugh, but made me sigh way more often. A shame, really, because this episode addressed some points that are extremely interesting to think about…

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
Posted ImageOky: I have to admit something. Until this episode, I never even noticed that Chopper’s legs were mismatched and he never seemed to be bothered about his appearance himself, so it seemed to come out of nowhere to me that he suddenly wanted a matching leg so badly. It also seemed out of character that he would be willing to abandon a mission and even resort to stealing to get it. Sure, he has been known to be stubborn, and we have seen him steal things before, but it was usually for the rebellion. He was a lot more in-character during the rest of the episode though. AP-5 is obviously meant to be the C-3PO to Chopper’s R2, but there was a lot more to him than that. I really like the story of a droid who is a war veteran and is now forced to perform trivial tasks. It’s the first time that we have seen a droid unhappy with his job and the way he is treated (except for C-3PO, but he complains about everything). It really highlights the role of droids as slaves in Star Wars and shows that the Empire’s rule has a negative impact even on the lives of droids. Sadly, the Imperials that we actually see in the episode are laughably incompetent and cartoonishly mean.
BEAVeR: Chopper has been a surprisingly interesting character at times, but most of the time, he’s just rather irritating. Sadly, in an episode that’s all about him, he’s mostly the latter. He doesn’t care at all about his mission and his crew, goes to the merchant without any plan whatsoever, and actually only survives because AP-5 happens to be a Clone Wars veteran as well. On the other side, we get to see his loyal side as well, with him attacking the officer when he threatens his new friend, for example. In the end, he is this weird amalgamate between a spoiled toddler and your standard movie hero, but you never get the sense of depth, the sense that it is one and the same character. It makes him the joker of every episode. The bright side is, of course, that he has his really good moments as well, like when he talks about Hera or shares his friend’s “last” moments.
If AP-5 would have been a human, this story wouldn’t have worked so well as it did. Then his story of former glory and decline under the Empire would have been far from unique. But the fact he’s a droid, shines a new light on this entire class of characters in the Star Wars universe. His treatment makes you realize droids are practically handled as slaves, doing the dirty work, being sold by traders to the highest bidder, never complaining… But now you have this droid reflecting on himself being a droid, so you start paying attention to their side of the story. It makes you realize how special Chopper’s situation as part of a family really is, and makes you empathize with AP-5’s final moments even more. The point of the episode goes a bit to waste because he comes back in the end unharmed though. I would have loved to see him restored but without memory or something like that…

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Oky: Horizon Base was a pretty interesting new location as it felt like a typical Star Wars landing platform, but looked new due to being suspended over a circular pit and having large shade structures. The Imperial cargo ship was not that interesting as it was basically just a gray pyramid with some containers attached to it, but I guess it fits into the Empire’s theme of large triangular ships. Speaking of which, it was also nice to see the stolen Imperial fighter carrier being modified and used by the rebels.
BEAVeR: Horizon base was nice. It’s visually interesting, unique, and totally legit because all of those landing platforms make perfectly sense for an outpost. Also, the location had this special ‘clear’ feeling about it. The Imperial Cargo Ship wouldn’t have looked off in the original trilogy, and looks like the perfect translation of a container ship. The cargo being detachable was a nice functional touch.

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Oky’s Rating: 2.5/5 – I kind of like what this episode was going for. It was nice to have an episode where Chopper convinces an enemy to join their cause and I liked AP-5 as a character, but it could have been executed a lot better. The plot was silly, the slapstick wasn’t funny, and some of Chopper’s actions didn’t make sense to me. I guess they wanted to have a comedic episode to lighten the mood after such a serious episode last week, but this just felt jarring to me and was very disappointing. I think it would have been much better if they would have shown this episode before the previous one.
BEAVeR’s rating: 2.5/5 – I loved how this episode made me wonder about the nature of droids in the Star Wars universe. But that extremely interesting awakening was buried under a pile of weak comedy and unoriginal plot points. They leave me with a rather unpleasant feeling, which is bad because it was important for the Rebel’s story, and introduced a new recurring character. I guess AP-5 will have to grow on me.


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