The Force Will Be Stronger With These Minifigures…

The Wampa Cave, seen in set 75098 Assault on HothThe box of set 7263, with the light up lightsaber


Please focus, because I’m going to ask you to recall two things. First off, set 75098 Assault on Hoth. Not many people liked it completely, but there was one feature that stood out and I want you to remember. It’s the Wampa cave part, with that super inventive play feature that lets you launch the lightsaber towards Luke. It will be a bit harder to remember the second thing, because it’s more than ten years ago since we saw it. It are the minifigs that came in a couple of the original Revenge of the Sith sets and with the 7263 set shown above. The reason is that they contained a unique feature: if you pushed their heads, the lightsaber would light up for extra action.

So why do I ask you to remember two features that aren’t/weren’t really a huge success? Because it seems that the LEGO group thinks to have found a way to combine them into something amazing, as indicated by the news of the day. Ever since the success of the new stud blasters, they have been trying to bring new play features in their sets. Their latest innovation, that will find its way into some of the winter 2017 sets, is that minifig hands will be easier to pull out, will have a string attached to them, and will quickly retract in their socket after a push on the minifig’s head. It’s basically a miniaturization of their existing winch mechanisms that fits into what looks like an ordinary minifig: simple, but it opens up a whole new world of play features. Minifigs will now be able to “use the Force” to retrieve objects, just like Luke in episode V or Rey in episode VII. I’m really excited to see how this plays out, but I see this becoming the next big innovation that will find its way into other themes as well, like the Superheroes line. LEGO never ceases to amaze me with their creative finds. Who knows what’s next, minifigs that will play mindtricks on us to make us buy more sets (o wait, I guess this feature has been implemented for quite some time now)? So be excited, and discuss it in our forum. Warning: it’s possible you might have to brush off your Korean first.


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