“The Tractor Beam is Coupled to the Main Reactor in Seven Locations”

No. 1 Reactor, by Bricking It, on Flickr


Visually, one of the more interesting scenes in A New Hope is when Obi-Wan shuts down the terminal powering the tractor beam. You have the fancy station with the blue energy beam, the walkways leading to nice doors, the incredible details in the walls of the shaft with those round thingies, the stormtroopers walking… wait a second, those aren’t stormtrooper minifigs walking around in Bricking It‘s stunning diorama. And he didn’t just run out of them either: now that I mention it, that’s not a Star Wars creation at all. Oops. But I’m quite sure you don’t mind us looking at this awesome creation for a little longer!

This is one of those creations you can enjoy for the quality greebles alone. All of the hoses and pipes work really well, there are some interesting patterns, and some great uses of parts. Furthermore, Bricking It perfectly understands the concept of grouping greebles in subassemblies to make it look awesome. That’s because a sea of random greebles can look cool, but can’t hold your interest. When you break it up in parts, it’s more manageable. Furthermore, it’s more realistic that way, because greebles always try to represent plausible machinery, and that has components and functional units as well. He also wonderfully used standard, non-detailed geometric shapes, and not just fancy grills and minifig accessories. There are ridges, protrusions and notches everywhere, which keep big surfaces interesting but not overwhelming, and look functional to boot: this had to be assembled at some point. So without this creation being an obvious greeblefest, it’s one of the best implementations of those tiny details I’ve ever seen. It would almost make you forget the beautiful presentation with the industrial lighting which seems to come from the scene itself, the sci fi looking frame, the cleverly angled walls to draw the viewer in and minifigs that are part of the action, even though not a lot is happening. All of that makes this one of the easiest to watch complex builds, great from far off and close by, crude nor myopic. It may not be Star Wars, but it comes close enough to what we all love about that visual style to make an exception. Than Bricking It’s creation clearly deserves to be looked at from up close.


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