This Year’s May the Fourth Promotional Figure: First Order Stormtrooper

Discuss the First Order Stormtrooper polybag in the 2016 Pictures and Rumors thread, on Eurobricks


Quite a few rumors were circulating about what would be the polybag you get this year for the May the Fourth celebration. Turns out all of them were false, because the store calendar for May just popped up and revealed a completely new polybag that will be offered this year. It’s called 30602 First Order Stormtrooper, and contains a minifigure that looks incredibly similar to one in the First Order battle pack, but with a slightly updated torso and a backpack this time. It seems a bit like a waste of an unedited character (like Darth Revan was in the past), especially when the equivalent comes in such a cheap set. But still, it’s a nice bonus to get. So delay all of your LEGO Star Wars purchases until the period of April 30 to March 4, as you’ll get this polybag for free with a purchase of $50 or more on those products. You’ll get double VIP points and a The Force Awakens poster to boot. In the meantime, you can discuss the polybag in our news thread.


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