Priority to the Dark Side

Darth Vader Car, by Don't Talk to Robots, on Flickr


Some creations have so much charisma, you can’t help smiling, slowly nodding, and saying “O hell yes!”. ‘Don’t Talk to Robots‘ rendition of what Darth Vader’s car might look like is definitely one of those badass creations. It just oozes style, speed and guts – it’s the Batmobile of the Star Wars universe. It captures everything there is to like about the original Hot Wheels model, every fun reference to the Sith Lord that sits behind the steering wheel of this beast. There’s the obvious front grill, the headlights inspired by the little knobs at the same spot on the helmet, the little round nose with the same flair of the Spirit of Ecstasy, the lightsaber bars at the sides, the breathing controls that almost merge with the hot rod type engine, the grated support in the middle of the windscreen… Those are the things that make this model so much fun. It takes a bit more to make it look completely badass though. The original model looks so great because of its smooth sharpness, the gently curved surfaces that end in sudden sharp edges just scream aggression. And let just that be nearly impossible to render in bricks. Still, ‘Don’t Talk to Robots’ managed to deliver, with his tilted panels with bows on them, wonderfully sleek wheel hubs, flaps and slopes at the side, and a lovely smooth back portion. By brilliantly putting flat and curved pieces together, by creating ridges where needed and lovely complex curves where possible, and finally accentuating the smooth reflection in the photos, the creator really made this model pop. He managed to get the ultra-aggressive, slender and sharp aesthetic of Ralph McQuarrie concept art for the helmet across, which makes this a car you’ll keep at a safe distance. Because you don’t want to know what the road rage would be like. So just wait a second, give it priority, listen to its mechanical roaring and drool at it passing in the photostream.


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