When Prequel Meets Sequel

Sheathipede-class transport shuttle evolved, by Veynom, on Eurobricks


When modernizing a ship, many builders flesh out the shape and make it more curved for that futuristic appearance. Most of the times, it works beautifully. But with Star Wars, there’s a slight problem. The ships featured in the prequel trilogy are usually quite curved and smooth, but those of the original and sequel trilogy look more boxy. They have a more effective, useful and no-nonsense look about them, which makes you understand and appreciate them immediately. That’s all nice and all, but when you’re updating a prequel trilogy vehicle to a later era, it means that you can’t just use the recipe of smoothing the thing out to make it look like it evolved.

Veynom understood this perfectly when working on a ship the First Order’s engineers based of the Separatist shuttle. He turned those curved surfaces into flat planes, and added a big, clunky box shape underneath it all. It clearly isn’t the fastest ship around, but you know it isn’t build for speed, but for transport. The creator wisely let the wall more or less untouched, so that it’s clear they serve no other function to separate space from the inside, which is exactly what a transporter is all about. Those are the things that make a vehicle instantly understandable and relatable, like all of the ships we love. It also makes sure you can pin point the setting of this ship perfectly: just take away the blue, and you have yourself a First Order transporter – especially from the back. The only thing is, this one is prettier. The back fin gives it greater visual interest, and all of the grills, bars and ridges that would otherwise be annoying form decorations that are both pretty and seem to serve some purpose. It might just basically be a box, but Veynom did a great job uniting the old with the new, the interesting but lifeless design of the prequel ship with the simple, effective and purposeful aesthetic of the originals and sequels. It’s not what most people would picture with an evolution, but it’s perfect for the Star Wars universe. While we wait for this ship to get its own wookieepedia page, you’ll have to visit the Eurobricks topic.


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