What of the Reports of the Rebel Fleet Amassing?

Hammerhead Corvettes, by TheNerdyOne, on Eurobricks


One of the things I really like about Star Wars Rebels, is that you get to see the Rebel fleet growing one ship at a time, which makes you really cheer when you eventually see it in full glory in episode VI. The Hammerhead Corvettes introduced in Rebels never show up in the movies though, so I fear the worst for them. Luckily, TheNerdyOne has already captured them in brick form, so we can keep enjoying their Knights of the Old Republic inspired design no matter what happens to them. He did a great job capturing their bulbous form with a variety of bows and slopes that mesh incredibly well. I especially enjoy the engine block, for which he managed to put together a nearly seamless triangle shape, of which the seams that are present fit markings on the original model to boot. He also expertly used studs there to provide detailing. They’re clearly not random as in a weathered texture (which would look decidedly odd in this scale), but at the same time they’re not cluttered together. The builder found the right grouping of studs in a seemingly structured pattern, which makes you see the studs as a vital detail instead of a nuisance. As for other details, I love how TheNerdyOne didn’t use your classic greeble pieces to evoke complex tube contraptions and the like, but opted for more subtle detailing with rectangular protrusions, as can be seen on the bottom and under the ‘hood’ at the top. Once again, it makes you see everything as functional units, and gives you a sense of scale. Especially if you take into account the marvelous paint job, these small models look like a complete representation of the real thing. The only inaccuracy: these models look way more swooshable than their on screen counterparts… But still a great addition to the Rebel fleet that’s amassing in this topic.


The Ghost, by picardsbricks, on Flickr


But how could the Rebel fleet be complete without the show’s main ship, the Ghost? By now, we’ve seen some micro versions of it, and some UCS versions, but a really nice and accurate swooshable version has been missing. That’s until picardsbricks stepped in and put the beauty above together. It looks sturdy and sleek. That’s because the construction more or less speaks for itself, yet it looks like you could never find these solutions yourself. Take the docking stations at the sides, for example, for which the builder used those wedge/slope pieces to ensure a smooth transition, or the use of side to side wedge plates in the front to avoid nasty gaps and recreate the coloring pattern of the original to surprising accuracy. The slickness also follows from the great care the builder took to fill in any unwanted gaps, like with the panels underneath the hinge at the front. That way the intricacy of the shape of the ship is the focal point, and there aren’t any artifacts drawing away your attention. Everything just comes so nicely together, I bet you hadn’t noticed the adorable micro Phantom in the back. And if you did, I doubt you realized it’s detachable – it’s integrated just too well. How can you not want to play with this model now? Hesitate no more, go to picardsbricks Flickr and start zooming your screen around. I guarantee the model won’t fall apart.


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