A frozen work of art!



Last year rumours of a UCS Echo Base surfaced and, like many AFOLS of a certain age, I started to wonder how I would manage to find space for yet another amazing set in my collection.  Weeks merged into months and I began to think that my hopes would be dashed, but then in February 75098 ‘Assault on Hoth’ was officially revealed.  Unfortunately, like the majority of others, I was totally underwhelmed by the set especially considering that it had been designated as ‘UCS’.  Perhaps I was expecting too much; but for me it doesn’t capture the magic of Episode V at all, and just seems to be a collection of system-scale sets.

Anyway, this latest MOC by expert builder markus1984 should be enough to raise the spirits of our community, and it’s certainly worthy of a UCS label!  Unlike other large-scale Hoth MOCs, markus has used a ‘cut-out’ design rather than attempting to re-create a fully enclosed base. Yet, he’s still managed to capture the feel of it beautifully, partly through the shaping of the angled wall with inverted slopes, and the recessed X-Wing hangers.  As usual, it’s crammed with some amazing details; the work platforms and little troop transport are exceptional. Head over to the Star Wars forum and take a look at this wonderful piece of ice-sculpture!


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