The Empire Spares Back

Star Wars Bowling, by Sad Brick, on Eurobricks


One of the best things about Star Wars, besides its awesome story, exciting action and beautiful technology, is that it’s just so much fun! We all love the interplay between our two droids, cheer when Chewie gives us that look and all laughed with the many hilarious moments from the seventh episode. Sad Brick clearly feels the same way (contrary to what his name would lead you to suspect), judging by his trash can and toilet diorama’s from a few months back, and even more by this incredible bowling alley he whipped up for us. It all looks great. I just love the way the pins with their unexpected ice cream pieces look like wobble-head stormtroopers, completely helpless against the helmet coming in. Details like the overhanging clearing system, the slightly curved seats, and the expert use of Imperial Navy helmets as hubs from which the ball appear make for a great, beautiful foundation for a good joke. He doesn’t hit us over the head with that joke either, which gives a lot of room for your imagination to go further on the ridiculous idea. You already feel the giggles coming in anticipation of those cuddly pins flying around. You just know things will get interesting when Luke learns to use the Force to hit the target and navigate this different kind of trench. And the mere thought of Chewie on the bowling alley is enough to cheer you up for days. So I don’t know where Sad Brick gets these great ideas, but I can see he executes them perfectly, dressing them in a beautiful build and leaving everything open for us to play with. Just check out the topic, and you’ll be sure to be struck by sudden silent giggles for days to come.


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