Can You Build a TIE Fighter?

Special Forces TIE Fighter, by Yubnub!, on Flickr


When I mentioned a couple of articles ago that we’ve seen plenty of recreations of The Force Awakens‘ main vehicles, it didn’t really occur to me that wasn’t completely true for the new TIE fighter. It’s only when I stumbled across this excellent rendition of the Space Superiority variant by Yubnub!, that I realized the new X-wings are far outnumbering them. What could possibly be the reason for that? Maybe because it’s too similar to the original TIE, and we’ve all seen lots of creations tackling that one? Well, there are actually quite a few subtle differences that make it interesting, and Yubnub! managed to capture most of them. The new colors stand out, but the builder noticed that the white wings bring out the ridges more, so he used grill bricks to lovely accentuate this feature. He also saw that the red portion on the cockpit goes together with a new geometry, which he tackled in a simple but effective manner. Like many, he noticed the pylons have changed, but also that the wings’ connection point has become thicker and smoother. You only need to look at this model to know what differences were made to the design in the movies. So the similarity of the two models is hardly a problem then…

So maybe not more people are building this TIE variant because it’s too difficult? Well, Yubnub!’s model doesn’t really reveal area’s that expose some underlying complicated structure. The panels of the wings mesh just right despite the use of grill bricks which should make things a lot harder. And the cockpit looks perfectly round with that innovative use of arches, even though the inclusion of the red stripe limits the possibilities. There’s even plenty of room inside to seat two figures comfortably. The new pylons fit perfectly as well: I guess roundness isn’t such a big problem with LEGO bricks after all… So looking at this model, there’s nothing that seems to indicate this vehicle is particularly hard to recreate. Not if you have the talent of using basic bricks and assemblies to convey complex and subtle shapes and details only a few spot. Not if you find ways to make bricks come together truly seamlessly. Not if you succeed in creating shapes in ways everybody could, but no one actually did think off. It’s not hard to perfectly recreate this new TIE, not if your name is Yubnub!. And if it isn’t, looking closer at his pictures might be the only way of coming closer to building anything.


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