Battlefront Rocks!

Star Wars Battlefront - Battle on Sullust, by markus1984, on Eurobricks


Rocks and lava, that must be Mustaf… – but this creation somehow doesn’t look like that planet thanks to markus1984‘s usual mastery of the bricks. His creation is set on the planet of Sullust instead, which is one of the battlefronts in the eponymous game. While this particular location doesn’t appear in the latest Battlefront, the atmosphere of the scene is spot on, and that’s far from self-evident. Sullust has this hard to capture feeling of coldness despite having lava everywhere, which sets it apart from Mustafar. The builder manages to capture this by refraining from using yellows and oranges for the lava, having people close to the lava and photographing everything in a rather cold and hard light, setting the contrasting mood perfectly. The rocks have many facets yet no sharp edges, which makes them look hard, cold and unyielding.

It’s a place I’d rather not be, but still markus1984 retains your attention, because there’s that beautiful architecture in there. His Imperial bunker is absolutely fabulous. You could say it’s just a mere copy of the Endor bunker, but the Empire having standard components makes sense, and I’m almost inclined to say it looks way better here than in those forests. It being one of the best versions I’ve ever seen goes a long way too. You might know markus1984 has created a battle of Endor scene before, yet here he didn’t just throw in an exact copy of the bunker he created then. He made some changes to his already stellar design to make it look even better. With its sturdy shape and many ridges, it looks absolutely beautiful on its own, but also meshes really well with the rocks. It offers some variation by having smoother surfaces, but still looks as cold and hard as the rocks themselves, making it look like the Rebels will have a hard time getting in there, even without Boba Fett getting involved. Through a variety of different techniques and his amazing talent for putting bricks together, markus1984 has managed to set the mood of this scene so that the action in it seems far from evident. Will the Rebels beat the odds and defeat the Empire? The answer isn’t clear for once. Yes, that’s the tension in this scene that makes you want to grab your controller, settle yourself in the couch and prepare for having a hard time. Just press this link to begin.


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