[SoNE Ep XI] Cracking Down

SoNE Episode XI: Cracking Down, on Eurobricks


The eleventh episode of our role playing building experience the Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka has just begun. The Rebels take the super computer, captured from the Empire, to the surface of the planet of Kuat, known for its shipyards on its ring. The surface, however, is rural, and the Rebels hide there from the Empire while they try to get to the valuable information inside of the computer. The Empire won’t let that happen, however, and has deployed its forces on the planet and its rings in order to try to recapture the computer. You have until April 30th to build a diorama, ship… portraying your character partaking in this game of hide and seek of high stakes. RoyalBrickCustoms has once again offered to provide the winner with a special minifig cloth accessory, so there’s no time to waste! Everyone can participate, whether you have a large collection or not, build your creations digitally or not or have been a member for years or not. If you’re not a member of SoNE yet, you can always join by going to this topic and picking a side. From then on, it’s building along with talented builders, getting valuable feedback from the community, telling stories together and having lots of fun! Enjoy yourself!


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