I’ll Give You Two Hundred Portions for that

Jakku - Niima Outpost, by Wookieewarrior, on Flickr


By now we’ve seen plenty of iterations of The Force Awakens‘ main vehicles. But don’t worry: there’s still plenty of material to capture for the first time, because it has remained pretty quiet on the side of large diorama’s. You can already scrap the Niima Outpost on Jakku from your list however, since Wookieewarrior already recreated it, and it’ll be hard to top this beauty. That’s because he already thought not just to include all of the memorable features, but the unique atmosphere of the place as well.

See, it’s hard to imagine a recreation of Niima Outpost without the arch, Unkar Plutt’s Concession stand or even the market place. Most will immediately think of the Falcon as well, and some of you will want to include the drinking pit. Wookieewarrior included all of this and recreated it beautifully. He did especially well on all of the roofs, employing smooth red curves, jagged sails, nets, a variety of bows and cones to create a wealth of intricate, varied yet suitably weathered roofs. The perfect executions of all of these parts make it great, but it’s something else that pushes the result completely overboard. It’s the haphazard nature of everything, that perfectly captures the feeling of desolation and lawlessness we’ve all come to associate with the location. Just look at all of the scattered tubes and other technical necessities that were installed wherever most convenient and without any consideration for order and aesthetics. And there are the speeders and ships no one took care to park out decently of the way. There’s the fence that once served a purpose but nobody valued enough to bother to repair… All of that on that flat but just enough textured desert really makes you feel the lack of perspective of the place. No need for exposition, emotional music and character closeups: we understand Rey simply by looking at Wookieewarrior’s creation for a couple of seconds. For those of us who need bigger pictures to achieve that, the builder’s Flickr is the place to experience the connection his marvelous creation offers.


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