Chronicles of the Force Exclusive Minifigure Revealed

Chronicles of the Force book cover, on


This June, an all new LEGO Star Wars book will hit stores. It’s called Chronicles of the Force and will count 96 pages full of pictures and texts covering everything LEGO produced covering the seven Star Wars movies. There are trivia, set overviews, character quizzes and more… but what’s more important, there will be the obligatory exclusive minifigure. This time, the character is truly exclusive, not having appeared in any form in the history of LEGO. But it’s not exactly a character a lot of people were waiting for. It’s “Unkar’s Brute”, one of the two of Unkar Plutt’s henchmen that try to wrest BB-8 away from Rey. The other one of the duo already appeared in the official set Rey’s speeder, under the name of “Unkar’s Thug”. So now you can fully reenact that crucial scene from the movie. Reactions haven’t been overly enthusiastic to this minifigure, but you have to recognize it’s a good looking one with an incredible torso that wouldn’t look bad at all on a zombie. So if you’re curious, find out all about the new book on, and discuss it in our Pictures and Rumors thread.

Unkar's Brute, on

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