Back to Black (And Yellow)

BT-HIW, by Rat Dude, on Flickr


It’s clear that the Galactic Empire likes grey. A lot. Star Destroyers, walkers, fighters… only the Imperial Shuttle escapes the greyness. With his stunning walker, Rat Dude makes you regret not more vehicles got a fresh lick of paint. Because just look at that black, yellow and hints of red: bold, oddly menacing and so Blacktron! The great contrast could’ve been overpowering, but in this model the colors are nicely distributed and help you to understand its structure, nicely occurring in patches around sections you definitely need to look at. It’s enough to make the creation pop, but not too much that it distracts from it. The great photography that captures the notorious black bricks also goes a long way.

Colors alone don’t do the trick though: I’m pretty confident the standard AT-AT with these colors would look odd to say the least, definitely not intimidating. You need the right shapes and details to make it a consistent creation, and that’s just what the builder achieved. The giant canopy, impenetrable neck, hoses and radar dishes make this model a great yet whimsical combination of walker, base, cannon and spaceship. It futuristic and clean, unlike the vehicles we know and love, but that’s just what makes this model work. It’s design is based on something incredibly efficient, it’s color induce a wave of nostalgia with many a viewer, and the many hoses and greebles (especially at the underside!) make it a creation that has something for everyone, and still manages to be a coherent whole. Feeling the urge to dig up some old Blacktron sets? Well then, be sure to check Rat Dude’s photos out to get you started all over again.


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