These Parts are Made for Walking…

AT-AEW, by Lego Junkie, on Flickr


It remains one of the most controversial issues in the Original Trilogy: how is it possible that a bunch of teddy bears is able to take down an organized army with superior technology, advanced walkers and all? I mean, those tanks look pretty impenetrable and all, it seems like a pretty perfect design… Today’s walkers make you reconsider that: they illustrate there was a lot that could be improved. The Rebels should be thankful the Empire didn’t have Lego Junkie in service to design their walkers, because it looks like it would have crushed everything in its path. That’s because you immediately notice the changes that overcome the weakness of its predecessor, giving you the impression you’re looking at an invincible machine. The AT-ST’s feeble legs almost look like sticks compared to the solid ones on this AT-AEW. The cannon looks way more no-nonsense too. And the solid, curved cockpit, combined with the extra armor plating doesn’t look like it will surrender to some rocks and logs. It even has a more menacing look in its eyes… Lego Junkie did an excellent job in making everything more solid and compact, without making it look slow or unwieldy. And while fancy greebles have disappeared, the model has plenty of interesting features to feast you eyes upon, with lovely vents, ridges and convex shapes. The best thing is that it doesn’t look like a great compromise between form and function, but that the beautiful form seems to emerge from the function. It took me a while to realize this isn’t a depiction of a war machine, but something solely made to please our eyes, and that’s a level of realism a MOC seldomly achieves, no matter how detailed they get. Yes, this model, intimidating without being very big, sturdy without being heavy, is truly the perfect All-Terrain Anti Ewok Walker. There’s no use opposing it, dear Ewoks, so use your last moments to at least appreciate the walker in full glory in the photostream

AT-TT, by Si-MOCs, on Flickr


I know it’s hard to imagine, but suppose for a minute the Rebels miraculously found a weak spot in the AT-AEW. They still shouldn’t cheer too loud, because Si-MOCs has got the Empire covered with his AT-TT. He drew inspiration of Lego Junkie’s model to build something that’s farther removed from the source material, but feels way more robust. The heavier cannons, less convoluted legs and plain, detail-less surfaces make it a walking fortress. I even get more of an AT-AT vibe than an AT-ST vibe from this one: the same power for destruction, only more agile and compact. And I can’t stop thinking about the iconic but extremely deadly ED-209 from Robocop. It’s because all of the intricate angles, curves and disks aren’t there to brighten up the model, but only to make it stronger and more effective. Once again, it seems like every brick is dedicated to making it the perfect war machine, with every part firmly connected to the rest. Even the joints look indestructible, like the droid head cones that adorn the ‘kneecaps’ of the machine, or the extra support at the ankles. Even though LEGO does everything it can to optimize clutch power, Si-MOCs convinced me that you can’t take this collection of interlocking bricks apart. Just imagine how robust the real thing would be… If your imagination fails you, you can always take a closer look at the pictures of the model. Just remember to run away when it starts looking your way.


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