First Look at the Summer 2016 Sets!

75150 Darth Vader's TIE Advanced and A-wing fighter, on FBTB


At the beginning of every year, LEGO fans anxiously await the multiple toy fairs to get to see the upcoming sets. On the first few, it generally isn’t allowed to take pictures, and we only get descriptions. The New York Toy Fair, which ended just yesterday, is the first one where pictures are allowed, so now you get a first preliminary look at the sets you might be purchasing this summer. From Bricks To Bothans has great coverage as usual, so I suggest you head over to their report to see everything LEGO has in store for you. It seems like a healthy mix of The Force Awakens, Rebels and the Prequel Trilogy, and there are even some suprisingly awesome, never before seen vehicles in there. They’ll feature in The Freemaker Adventures, an animated series conceived by LEGO, set between Empire and Jedi, slated for release this summer on Disney ‘XD’. Curious? Read the article covering it on the Star Wars website, take a closer look at all of the pictures on FBTB and when you’re finished, discuss the new sets in our forum!


75151 Clone Turbo Tank, on FBTB

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