Over specialized? Useless? My parts these are!

Grand Master Yoda, by Djordje, on Flickr


When you’re a kid and everyone knows you’re into LEGO, you always hope to get a nice set. But somehow, I always ended up getting some Bionicle figure. Cool for a few minutes, but what do you do with it? It’s not like you could build a spaceship out of it or something… Mine usually ended up in a box from which they slowly migrated to cousins and the like. I didn’t really miss them, but after all these years seeing Djordje‘s unprecedented Yoda sculpture makes me regret that.

I assume he has been exposed to gamma radiation to be able to make you ask why there is any distinction at all between system and constraction parts. They all come so mystically harmoniously together in his character builds, possibly because Djorde himself doesn’t make any distinction between the categories. Someone else might have thought of that flipper piece, but no one else could have portrayed Yoda’s ears or bumpy brow as real as he. Still, it takes more than just the right parts to create a figure as convincing as this one. There are subtle things, like the deep lying eyes, the bent neck and crouching position. The right parts make sure this character has the same features as Yoda, but it are those little things that make Yoda Yoda that make this creation really come to life. I bet you have a lot to ask the Jedi master, so waste no time and visit him on Flickr. I have no doubt he’ll talk about the Force that penetrates all bricks and binds all of them, system or constraction together…


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