Good Grief!

General Grievous, by umamen, on Flickr


Kylo Ren is a pretty awesome villain if you ask me. Vader remains number one, but Kylo Ren almost makes us forget about General Grievous and the likes, who weren’t that great, right? Ahum. That’s before you’ve seen the picture above. If you haven’t clicked away in panic, you might recognize this awesome creation as one by umamen, who once again succeeds in reminding us why we have to respect a character.

Like no one else, he manages to fit his parts together in such a way that his characters aren’t just recognizable and realistic, but plain frightening. It doesn’t matter Grievous has bananas in his belly, you don’t want to come closer to inspect it. It’s the merciless look in his eyes, or the panting attitude of his mechanical body. I’m aghast at the way everything connects at the right angle, and how perfect everything keeps looking from another standpoint or in another pose, arms open or closed – it doesn’t matter. Just thinking about how everything in the rib cage is held together, how it can look so complicated yet robust, makes my head hurt. For umamen however, the challenge had to be harder, so he decided to put in extra details below the surface. It all must be magic. Or glue. Or maybe it’s because the connections are there in plain sight, but you don’t see them as such, you see them as a critical part of the detailing of this creation. To make General Grievous work, he had to be able to move because that’s how he is designed, and umamen knew that. His build looks like him, moves like him and feels like him, and that’s what makes it brilliant. So head over to the builder’s gallery, not to look at a model, but to look at the General himself. You might find he has some less known sides as well.


General Grievous, by umamen, on Flickr

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