Here in Cloud Cuckooland, there is (…) no Dark Side of any Kind

Uni-Kitty Star Wars, v 2.0, by tanKM, on Flickr


Everybody’s talking about how cute everyone’s new favorite astromech BB-8 is. Admittedly, he’s cuter than Artoo, but I’ve seen something that makes him look like an Ugnaught in comparison. It’s Unikitty, who used her magical powers of pure happiness to cross time and space and end up in the Star Wars universe. Either that or she got some help from MOCcer tanKM… He had the brilliant idea of crossing a universe full of darkness and repression with the happy nature of The Lego Movie. The result is spectacularly hilarious. I love how he didn’t go for the easy way of simply recoloring and adding a bit of detail. Instead, the builder used different methods for creating the eyes, for example. It works wonderfully to set the characters apart, giving each and every one of them a unique flavor. And it goes further. Notice how the main baddies have their ears sloped inwards to set their different nature apart even more, or look at the different nose designs. And isn’t the use of clips and clip lights for texture inspiring? It’s amazing how tanKM managed to get so much detail, character and astonishing simplicity in all of the builds. Give him a couple of pieces, and he builds everything from the alert Han and Chewie over the once again cute Artoo and fabulous Amidala to the greatest villains of the universe. I’m sure that in their new form, it won’t take them long to push down their dark side feelings deep inside, where they will never, ever, ever, EVER! find them… It’s great to be on the happy side. Join it by taking a closer look at all those happy faces on Flickr!


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