[UCS] Millennium Falcon Masterpiece!

 UCS Episode VII Millennium Falcon, by marshal_banana, on Eurobricks


Longterm EB member marshal_banana has produced some truly amazing SW MOCs, although he’s probably best known for his UCS Sandcrawler which was nothing short of exceptional.  It rapidly gained 10,000 votes when it was submitted as a LEGO ideas project but unfortunately it didn’t pass the review stage, which was understandable considering the sheer size of it, but still very disappointing nevertheless.

However, during the last year marshal has been working on his latest MOC, an Episode VII UCS Falcon, and it’s another masterpiece.  The overall dimensions are very close to 10179 at 82cm x 54cm x 18cm, but it contains approximately 2,500 more parts, and I think it’s fair to say that it’s raised the bar to another level.   marshal’s version has addressed some of the limitations of the official set; in particular he’s managed to remove virtually all of the gaps, and the hull plates all seem to flow seamlessly together.  In addition, the overall shape, greebling and balance between exposed studs and tiling are all just about perfect.  I genuinely cannot fault it, although I’d love to see it with a set of retractable landing feet!

There have been several rumours of a new UCS Falcon recently and, if they’re true, I can only hope that it will look something like this!  Head over to the Star Wars forum and take a look for yourself.


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