Spoiled BrAT-ATs

UCS AT-AT, by dmaclego, on Eurobricks


Lately, we’re getting more and more threads starting with “Yet another…”, and I must admit it reflects the feelings I sometimes have towards a new rendition of well known source material. “Should I click through? What new surprises could a model hold that I have seen built countless times?” We’re so spoiled with great models, that if I’m having a very bad day, I just leave it at that and scroll along. Luckily, the day I noticed dmaclego‘s thread wasn’t such a day. Because I would have missed the model of the decade! You see, his creation isn’t yet another UCS AT-AT, it’s awe, inspiration, intimidation and pure beauty come to life.

I pretend to see small possibilities for improvement in a lot of models, but dmaclego has me stumped. Everything’s there, not a part missing, not a part too much. When writing about a micro creation, you might catch me saying that every single piece used in the model was the perfect one. Today is the first time I can say such a thing about a creation containing not tens, but thousands of bricks. I think you can see why, because I’m pretty sure you had to look twice at that picture. That’s because both the shapes, the details, the details in the shapes and the shapes in the details are all awesome. The roundness of the feet and knees of the model are unprecedented. I’ve never seen a greater variety of greebles all over the model, from the most obvious to the most obscure places, that still doesn’t overload the model. The nearly hidden taper at the top of the leg and the angled dishes at the ankle are those near to invisible thoughts that have a huge impact on the credibility of the model. And touches like the half-plate insets for the greebles and panels gracefully embracing the ‘shoulders’ draw you ever closer in. That’s far from a complete appraisal of the static model – and I haven’t yet begun covering the impossible functions that found shelter between all of the perfect pieces! And even worse, this is only part of a bigger Endor diorama that will feature a cusom built UCS Imperial shuttle as well! So you’ll have to discover it for yourself. So leave a word of praise in the topic after you’ve lost a night’s sleep absorbing every detail from every picture. And lose another night’s sleep after watching the machine slowly powering up and turning its mighty cannons towards you… Maybe you should have scrolled along after all.


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