Nothing Like a Good Blaster at Your Side, Kid

Star Wars E-11 Blaster Rifle, by Nick Brick, on Eurobricks


Let me get this straight: I’m not what you’d call a weapon’s enthusiast. But every now and then, a MOCcer succeeds in seducing me with a beautiful piece of equipment. And there is one MOCcer that succeeds in it with every single creation he shares. His name is Nick Brick, and his weapons are so realistic, I’m surprised Intelligence hasn’t arrested him yet. The latest fruit of his imagination is the E-11 Blaster Rifle, snatched right out of the hands of a Stromtrooper. It looks very functional and even features a working trigger and folding stock, but that’s just a bonus, because the real deal is the wicked amount of detail on the creation. For a nearly monochrome model, it has a lot of variation in it with the backs of bricks exposed, seams brilliantly put to use, nice angles just to get a couple of pieces right, and some novel techniques – I know I haven’t seen a tire within a tire before… So you might think: “That’s a remarkable amount of detail!”, but that’s before you’ve looked really close. Then you’ll realize there are subtle asymmetries in the model, extra functional holes and details only visible from certain angles, and some pieces that take you completely by surprise, lurking in some hidden corners. There’s detail on every level and in every way, yet it doesn’t feel superfluous because it all makes sense for those details to be there. It’s by discovering all of these tiny touches and the mystery of how they all fit into the model that makes clear that Nick Brick is really taking this subject matter to a new level. It’s definitely worth checking this model out from every angle and on every scale. And it finally solves a long standing issue: of course Stormtroopers had bad aim! Would you rather be looking at those dull Rebels or this beauty in your very own hands?


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