Many Bytes Died To Render Us These Plans

Lego Super Star Destroyer rendered from Mecabricks, by zanna, on Eurobricks


Wondering how zanna succeeded in taking those pictures? He’ll be happy to hear that, because it means his work paid of. You see, these beauties aren’t actual photographs, they’re renders, photo realistic pictures calculated from a digital 3D-model. In the past, it was hard to fully appreciate a digital creation because no matter how great the creation was, the image just didn’t look right. But in just a few year’s time, things have radically changed. You might have seen some POV-Ray renders here already, which look good but are still obviously computer generated. More recently, Bluerenderer appeared, which is easy to use and shows a lot of promise. But what’s really setting the bar, are renders created with the Cycles engine in the open source and free 3D-platform Blender. It’s a bit of a steep learning curve, but it allows you to go way further than just tricking people to think they’re watching a real photograph. Zanna is one of these people that show how the possibilities can truly enhance the model presented. His render of the UCS Super Star Destroyer above is absolute wallpaper gold! His enhancements don’t conceal the model, but lift it to the next level. The lighting of the model makes it stand out by ominously highlighting the edges of the ‘city’. And we experience the roaring power of the engines that give character to a model we’ve all seen already. His Imperial Shuttle comparison is both informative and beautiful, with the great atmospheric effects that lend it an eerie power. Zanna opens our eyes to how beautiful a LEGO model can look without overloading it. Just imagine how great a catalog with such pictures would look like, just like a high-end luxury car catalog. Got the picture in your head? Don’t worry if you don’t: you can go ahead an waste your time drooling over all of the amazing pictures in the Mecabricks rendering topic.


Nerdly Mousedroid, by CMaddison, on Flickr

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