Rebels Review: Blood Sisters

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What did you think of the Plot?
Oky: The last couple of episodes have been very episodic and focused more on the characters than the plot and this one is no different. It doesn’t help that the story of the hero going on a mission and coming into conflict with someone from their past just to team up against a common enemy and become friends again is pretty cliche. Not much else happens in this episode. There is a plot about delivering some secret information to Bail Organa, but it is never stated what this information is, what it is for, or why the Black Sun wants it, and since we don’t know the significance of the McGuffin, it was hard for me to care about this plot. The only part of this episode that was mildly interesting is when they almost got captured by the Empire, but the stormtroopers and officers were about as incompetent in this episode as the ones we saw in the first season which made them hardly a threat.
BEAVeR: No matter how clumsy the scene in the beginning was, with Ezra saying he doesn’t know a lot about Sabine and awkwardly fishes for more information, it was actually quite representative for what we know about her. And this episode finally tries to address that issue by having us follow Sabine for an entire episode. The beginning isn’t very promising, however, with just another random job for the Rebellion, only this time of minimal importance… It’s already three episodes ago we got introduced to some brand new, threatening villains, but they’re not even mentioned anymore. And since the crew of the Ghost can freely walk and shout in a busy port on a planet they’re known to visit with nothing of disguise, it seems like the Empire has vanished completely out of the picture. This was true as well for previous episodes, but this time we got very little in return. Apart from some great Chopper action and some creative situations and images, we’re left with a story that attempts to be a character study but doesn’t convince.

What are your thoughts on the Characters?
Posted ImageOky: Last time we got to learn a bit more about Hera’s past and this time it’s Sabine’s turn. Unfortunately, much like with Hera, we only get a bare minimum of backstory. I really wish they would spend more time on developing these characters’ backgrounds because for an episode centered around Sabine, we don’t learn all that much about her. Ketsu Onyo was a very cookie-cutter example of the “old friend, new foe” trope and went from a coldblooded bounty hunter who only cares about money to wanting to help others and almost joining the rebellion in an instance. When Han Solo had this change of heart, it made sense because you could see the good in him, but here it seemed to come out of nowhere and didn’t feel warranted. And I really didn’t like Ezra in this episode. His crush on Sabine is getting to uncomfortably awkward levels and I’m very surprised that he didn’t do anything to help her after he clumsily fell out of the ship. Funnily enough, the only likable characters here were the droids. Chopper was being his awesome self by helping his friends and trying to get the mission done. As for EG-86, I kinda felt bad for the little guy. He got hunted, sat on, and almost shot out into the vacuum of space just because he was carrying the McGuffin. I never thought I’d feel that way about a GNK droid, so kudos to the animators for that.
BEAVeR: Up until this point, we knew very little about Sabine. Not that she was such a mysterious character, but just because the show didn’t seem interested in showing us what makes her tick. This episode tries to enlighten us, but Sabine still remains much of a blank page for me. We learn that she spent a part of her life bounty hunting together with her BFF Kestu Onyo, who eventually left her behind for dead. Sabine eventually blames her, but turns around quickly without any apparent reason. Sure, she has some motivation, but what changed her opinion so suddenly? It’s a trend I have noticed with a lot of the most recent episodes: important decisions and changes of opinion seem to come from nowhere and only serve the advancement of the episode’s plot, without ever giving a proper motivation or spending time to ponder the consequences.So Sabine might have undergone some changes and said some good stuff, but it seemed like something for this episode only, so we’re still at square one.
Ketsu Onyo suffered from the same issue. The cool bounty hunter that casually jokes about collecting the bounty on a former friend, that threatens Sabine’s friends and is only stopped by technical difficulties to blow her ship up… that’s in its own right a nice illustration of her new life and the reason why Sabine and her fell out. And then comes the main plot point, the catharsis of the episode, and there’s virtually no transition. Going from almost killing to saving and downright helping Sabine only needs the protesting of some droids. Okay, you can guess about her motivations, but I can’t see or feel them, so her reaction appeard a bit artificial to me. So there was no real drama and no real catharsis to me.

What is your opinion of the vehicles and locations?
Oky: We got to see a bit more of the Garel City Spaceport which was nice, but this is the second run-in the rebels had with the Empire in this location, so I have to question again how they have not had a visit from the Inquisitors yet. Havoc Outpost seemed to be located on a very beautiful planet, which is a shame since it only got a few seconds of screen time. It was interesting seeing the GX1 short hauler from the Clone Wars again and Ketsu’s ship, the Shadow Caster, was pretty neat and suited her since it reminded me a bit of the bounty hunter gunship from the Clone Wars.
BEAVeR: The episode actually performed fairly well in this department. We got two new ships with the GX1 Short Hauler, a simple but nice enough looking ship based on concept art for the Imperial shuttle (do those guys ever come up with something new 😛 ?), and the Shadow Caster, an incoherent looking ship that tires to be some kind of second ghost but ends up having way little character and distinction. Garel isn’t new, but we still haven’t seen a lot of it, so the extra glimpses of the beauty that lies outside of the hangars were welcome. And Havoc Outpost was another gem. The designers of the show do a really good job of giving a distinct atmosphere to the creations with a very limited amount of screen time, creating some gorgeous wallpapers. And on the subject of great shots, I must say that shot of the two ships hovering cockpit to cockpit was outrageously intense and refreshing.
EG-86 finally, was epic. GNK droids have always been hilarious, but this one packs some real character with genuine emotions and a character I can genuinely sympathize with. Not since R2-D2 have beeps said so much. Maybe all of those other characters are just to complicated for me.

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Oky’s Rating: 2/5 – This episode was uninteresting at best. It felt like a mediocre season 1 episode with its low stakes and cliche plot. There was some potential here and we did learn a bit about Sabine, but it wasn’t executed very well and the parts with Ezra and the Empire were painful to watch. Lets hope that the Inquisitors (i.e. the main plot) will catch up with the rebels soon.
BEAVeR’s Rating: 2.5/5 – There’s nothing I’ll remember of this episode. Not that it was a bad episode, but there were just too much cringe worthy moments with so little to redeem it with such a random beginning, weird plot and end that leads to nowhere. Still, it’s not Fighter Flight and still watchable for a kid’s show, but didn’t accomplish anything except for distracting us from the main plot. So I’ll just say the same thing I’ve been saying for the past year: we need an episode focused on Sabine.


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