I Only Work in Black, and Sometimes Very Very Bright Orange

The new Star Wars is not any longer years or even months away, but just a couple of weeks! The slew of trailers succeeded in strengthening the hype even further, and we’re starting to see that reflected with loads of quality builds depicting each and every vehicle spotted in the previews. It already looks like the new X-wing, particularly in its striking color scheme, will be a MOC favorite, with builders tackling it in a variety of ways and scales.


UCS Black X-wing, by goatman461, on Eurobricks


Some modifications turning the 10240 UCS Red Five X-wing into Poe’s Orange Five X-wing have been proposed already, but goatman461 is the first to truly convince me, as it seems he designed the entire model all by himself just to get everything right. And actually, that’s not too far from the truth, because you can see a lot of details that didn’t have to be changed to represent the new X-wing but were enhanced nonetheless. If it hadn’t been painted black, this would just as well be one of the best modifications of the original model, so this creation offers twice the fun! What stands out most are the wings, that interlock beautifully to look awesome both opened and closed. They sport some marvelous brick build patterns as well, giving that much more authenticity to this model. And if you’re not yet convinced, the occasional stud, seam between tiles, ridge and oddly unfamiliar and agreeable greeble will help to convince you of the power of the model and its atmosphere. Finally we have those gorgeous intakes that put the curved pieces to work and make good use of tiles to give it that fine seam it desperately needs. So there’s sleekness, detail, awesome vibes and delicious darkness all around… a must have – that’s even better because it does come in black! Gaze at goatman461’s glorious creation in the topic while you wait for it to hit the stores.


Poe Dameron's X-wing (Table Scrap), by 'rolli, on Flickr


If you love the UCS beast above, but don’t have the financial punch to put it on your desk, ‘rolli has the answer for you. He built a completely different but equally impressive model with just a few parts. What’s more, he only had a very limited set of parts and the duration of a single meal to complete this as part of a table scrap challenge. There’s no need to say he won the best techniques category, with every piece being used in some innovative way. Who could have foreseen that those wrench parts would be so useful? Good thing I acquired a bunch of them in my last Pick a Brick cup, because with his incredibly clever model, ‘rolli certainly has my creative juices flowing. That’s not because of the use of obscure parts for details, but because of the unconventional way he uses those same parts as the very backbone of the model, to add shape and volume to it and not just some extra features. And the way all of it comes together… that’s just black magic, because even though it’s such a small creation, I have no idea how it comes together. I do now the result is amazing. So zoom in just a bit more on the pictures to appreciate how ‘rolli transformed a pile of random parts in a magnificent micro model, one that might very well fly its way to your desk. If you can figure out how the black and orange magic works, that is.


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